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Orlando Florida Top Ten Tips On Making The Most Out Of Your Vacation

by Neil H Stewart

TIP 1 -- Plan ahead. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to arrive in Orlando and not have any idea what you plan to do. It's best to spend some fun time with the family at home and plan your vacation agenda. More than likely you won't stick completely to your plan when you get there but try to use it as a guide.Work out how many day's you'd hope to spend at each attraction and decide which attraction's you want to see.Doing this will insure that you don't run out of day's and maybe not have any time left to visit the one you hoped to visit before you leave. Remember: Orlando is a big place so you'll not get to do everything in one visit so choose carefully.

TIP 2 -- Start Early. You'll want to get as much out of your day when you visit the park's. Go to bed not to late so you can wake up early to get started. Have a large buffet breakfast which are very reasonable in Orlando which will help you get going. This will save you time and money when you get in the park as the price's are more expensive there. Remember: No matter what time you arrive at the park it's still considered one admission unless your using a hopper pass or the like so get there early and get your money's worth.

TIP 3 -- Do The Reverse. Most people when they get to the theme parks head in one direction.For example they may all walk round the park clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on which park it is.You'll soon realise when you get there.A great tip is to do the opposite and walk the other way.This means all the rides that most people will be finishing their day on will be the one's you start of with.You'll find that they are not as busy so there won't be as much waiting involved.Another way to beat the queue's is to do the ride's when the parade's are on if you don't mind missing them.Remember: It can get quite hot in the queue's so to avoid dehydration drink plenty of water and if possible bring your own as it can be quite expensive buying it there. Also don't be put of by some of the waiting time sign's.You might find it say's 30 minute's wait time but you might find yourself walking straight on.

TIP 4 -- Pick Your Spot . At the end of each day at many of the parks you'll be presented with a stunning fireworks and lazer display. Trying to get a good spot to see the show can sometimes be difficult.If your happy that you've seen as much of the park that you want to then it's a good idea to pick a good spot maybe an hour before the display starts.This might seem like a waste of time just waiting for things to begin but it is a very relaxing and stress free time to unwind from the busy day you've just had.For example - a great place to see the Illumination's Reflections of Earth show at Epcot is to go to The Rose And Crown bar in the world showcase section of the park.Her you can have a beer and sit in comfort and watch the show. Remember: After the evening fireworks are over most people tend to leave the park so be prepared for a slow walk to the main gates.

TIP 5 -- Speak With Your Tour Rep On Arrival. When you first arrive at your hotel after a long flight it can be a bit daunting trying to take in all what's ahead of you. This is even more so if it's your first visit to Orlando. Usually you will be given the chance to meet up with your travel company's tour rep. Normally this would be first thing the following morning depending on your arrival time.Frequent visitors may decline this invitation but it is always useful no matter how many times you visit. During the meeting your rep will answer any questions that you may have.They will be able to give you a general layout of the area and supply you with maps.You will also be given the opportunity to purchase tickets. At 'Stop Orlando' we recommend that you buy your ticket's before you leave as this gives you more time to plan your trip. Buying them from your tour rep dosn't give you much time to decide which ticket's you require and you may be put on the spot and purchase ticket's which you didn't really want.If your not planning on going to themeparks or attractions every day then buying from your rep might suit you but if your planning on filling your complete vacation with eventful days at the parks then plan ahead. Remember: If your tour rep can't answer any questions you may have then they will probably be able to find it out for you in a small space of time.Don't be afraid to ask anything you like no matter how stupid it may sound.They are there to help.

TIP 6 -- Use Your First Day Wisely . Now this tip might not be to everyones taste but it can be a blessing in disguise.It's very tempting after your plane touches down in Orlando to go running out of the airport and dive straight into one of the many themeparks.You leave your bags unpacked in your hotel room and worry about unpacking them the next day. This might be ok for people that don't have to far to travel and may be full of energy and are raring to go when they arrive but like the majority of tourists in Orlando you have probably had one hell of a day travelling. The best thing you can do is take it slightly easier the first day.Firstly get your suit case unpacked.This will only take you twenty minutes.You don't want to be trying to do this on your second day before you hit the parks.If you arrived on a late flight leave it till the morning.On your first full day in Orlando don't be getting up at sunrise to to rush down to Disney or wherever.What you want to do is have a relaxing breakfast. Tour International Drive and experience the many exciting and fun activities you can do there. Finish of your first day by trying one of the many amazing restaurants near your hotel. Have a night cap then go to bed. You'll wake up the next morning feeling like you've had the best night's sleep ever. All that travelling will be well out of your system and you'll now be ready to spend the next 13 day's going crazy in the park's. Remember: Try to give yourself some time to explore the smaller attractions throughout Orlando.You'll be surprised at how many there are - some of which you may not have heard of.

TIP 7 -- U.S Travellers Cheques. This one is aimed mainly at visitors outside the U.S. When getting your currency before you go you'll probably want to take travellers cheques rather than cash. Instead of buying your cheques in the currency of your home country you would be better buying them in U.S dollars format. This way you'll be able to use them the same way you would use cash. For Example - If you take your travellers cheques in say U.K sterling ,you'll have to find a place that will exchange them for U.S dollars.This will happen every time you want to use them.Not only will you have this hassle of getting them changed to dollars but you will also more than likely have to pay a commision fee to the exchanger.On the other hand if you bring your cheques in U.S dollars (which you can get before you leave) you will be able to spend them like cash in almost all the shops and attractions throughout Orlando.You will even be given change in U.S cash. Remember: You will probably be asked for I.D when spending your cheques so don't forget to take it with you when your out.It's a good idea to take a small bit of cash with you for your first day as this can be useful for your trip from the airport to your hotel for the likes of beverage's or a newspaper or the toll roads if your hiring a car.

TIP 8 -- Use The I-Ride Trolly System . Getting arround International Drive couldn't be easier. The I-Ride is a tram like bus service that runs the full length of International Drive. You can get on and off anywhere along the route for the one of price of $1.Children under 12 ride free if accompanied by an adult.They arrive every 20 minutes so you won't have to wait long to catch one.If your planning on using the system regularly then we'd reccomend buying a pass which range from 1 day at $3 to a 14 day pass at $16. Remember: You'll need to have the right change on boarding one of the trams as they don't give change.This isn't so bad as you can get rid of all your build up of quarters and dimes that you'll aquire over your stay.You know the change you always come home with that you won't be able to exchange anyway.

TIP 9 -- Use The Vouchers .Make sure you pick up and use the many voucher books you'll find throughout Orlando.You can pick them up virtually anywhere.In these books you'll discover vouchers for discounts on a lot of the smaller attractions plus many 2 for 1 offers. There'll be plenty of vouchers for shopping and you'll be able to save plenty on dining out aswell. Remember: Vouchers are there for a reason so don't feel embarrassed about using them.We all love a bargain don't we.

TIP 10 -- Do Something Different .We all go home from Orlando with many happy memories that will last with us forever. You'll be able to tell all those folks at home all about the many rides and thrills you experienced during your stay ,but if you really want to amaze them then do something different.Everyone knows about the theme parks and the fabulous shopping etc but why not do one thing that most people never do when they visit Orlando.For Example - Take an airboat ride through deep swamps surrounded by alligators or go deep see diving or maybe see Orlando from the sky in a helicopter tour .Remember: Your tour guide on arrival will be able to help you arrange these activities when you arrive.There is an option to do the airboat ride combined with a trip to Kennedy Space Center which is available as a coach trip from many hotels.

This information is provided by STOPORLANDO.COM.