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Kick Back on Cocoa Beach

by Caitlin Moore

Sightseers beware; there is so much to take in during a visit to Cocoa Beach that the observant traveler risks being overloaded with incredible visions of space launchings, sea turtles, lovely beaches, and so much more. You'll have so many things that you'll want to see that it may be difficult to function, so just consider yourself warned; this is a fabulous destination jam-packed with delightful diversions.

Starting with the basics, Cocoa Beach is known for offering close contact with Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center as well as excellent views of space launches. Stand on the beach, feel the sand beneath your toes, and gaze to the North as man showcases his ability to master the intricacies of modern technology and scientific endeavors. If the goose bumps don't rise on your skin, check your pulse.

Cocoa Beach exists on a barrier island, so it's possible to dip your feet in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River Lagoon. Experience two different facets of wildlife that belong to these varying habitats, relishing the ever-fine weather that will accompany you on any part of the island. Yes, this area is known for amazing and trustworthy temperatures that stay pretty steady. The air and water are welcoming more often than not, so come prepared to spend a lot of time in your swimsuit.

If you'd like to venture out a little, rent a kayak and go whale, dolphin, or bird-watching. Six miles of coastline means there's plenty of space to frolic in the sea like you're a kid again, and plenty of sand to set up an umbrella and towel on for an afternoon spent reading a book, taking a nap, or better yet, both alternately. Normally it might be considered disagreeable to float in and out of consciousness, but here it's the order of the day.

Energy will soon return, and when it does you'll find many active pursuits to take advantage of. For one, a golf course that probably puts your country club to shame will greet you with open arms and keep you nice and busy for a few hours. Or, if you fancy yourself a surfer, be aware that many consider Cocoa Beach to be the surfing capital of the East Coast. Rent a board to show off your skills or feel fry to try it out for the first time. As long as you embrace the spirit of the island and go with the flow, you'll be just fine.

A beach trolley system will take you wherever it is you want to go that's close by, be it one of the many restaurants, souvenir shops, nightclubs, or the lighted public tennis courts. If you're interested in taking a day trip, there are several worthwhile destinations within 60 miles or so, so hop in the car if you want to experience popular Orlando attractions like Disney, Epcot, or MGM. Port Canaveral is just minutes away, and is the place to embark for a day cruise that will satisfy your need to gamble in a casino or engage in a nighttime affair that will offer a romantic candlelight dinner.

Closer yet are a number of parks, wildlife refuges, museums, art galleries, and special events and festivals all year round. You won't really have to leave Cocoa Beach once you arrive here, so for an intimate and truly relaxing getaway kick off your shoes as soon as you get here and don't give them another thought until it's time to pack up and head home.

To truly accomplish this tactic of remaining in laid-back mode for your entire trip, rent a vacation home. Cocoa Beach Vacation Rentals have a way of allowing you some peace and quiet amidst the tourist comings and goings, and will keep you as comfortable as if you were in your own home. If you've never gone this route before, now is the time. Get ready for a fabulous trip, and don't forget to prep yourself for all the leisurely escapes that you can handle. It'll be rough, but someone has to do it.

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