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Orlando, Florida: SkyVenture Is A Exhilarating Rush!   by Nick Worley, Journalist and Photographer for USA Travel Magazine

In Orlando you can soar high and low on some of the fastest roller coasters, but it's nothing like the rush of Sky-Diving. Have a fear of heights? No problem. At SkyVenture in Orlando, Florida, you can experience what it is like to Sky-Dive without jumping out of an airplane. I know what your thinking, your just dying to submerge yourself into their 120mph wind tunnel, floating, allowing yourself to be one with the wind, I know I was. I had no idea of what to expect before hand, but an exhilarating rush it was, and the best part was... ah, who am I kidding the whole experience was the best part.

From arriving to the front office, to entering the wind tunnel face first, my adrenaline was pumping. But as soon as my body entered the full horizontalness, I felt like I was on cloud 9. During time of flight your instructor is showing you tips for your safety, and if he feels comfortable enough he might show you a trick or two. For family or friends not attending flight there is an observation deck so that they can watch their other party members. After the flight, the giant cheesy grim on your face, will show that you've just had an awesome time and experience that will definitely be something you'll remember for a while.

Preparing To Take Flight

Before you take the plunge, so to speak, you get a idea of what to expect from a informative video, which teaches you the hand signals necessary to communicate with the professionals in the tunnel. Afterwards, everyone gets a brief one-on-one with your flight instructor practicing our skydiving positions and learning more about flying in the wind tunnel. CHIN UP!

Safety First

Our safety was the concern and utmost concern for the staff of Sky Venture. Within minutes after we learned about how to handle ourselves in flight, then we were ready to gear-up in our flight suits, which includes knee and elbow pads, ear plugs, helmets and goggles. (Equipment is included with the paid ticket price.) Once you've completed your flight you'll receive flight certificate signed by your instructor certifying that you have flown in the wind tunnel. But before you arrive, make sure you wear shoes, not flip-flops or sandals.

Plan Your Sky-Diving Adventure With Sky Venture

SkyVenture is located at 6805 Visitors Circle, just off International Drive across from Wet & Wild in Orlando, Florida. To find out more about one of the Coolest Attraction's in Central Florida call 1-800skyfun1 or 407-903-1150 to make reservations. SkyVenture has a special coupon available that entitles you to $10 off any flight until December 31 2006. This can only be redeemed Monday - Thursday from 1pm to 5pm. Visit the coupons section or click here to find out more: http://www.skyventureorlando.com/coupons/default.aspx?ID=fa263fb4-f525-4e97-bcaa-b050513e1418.

For more of Nick's adventure's check out his Sky Diving Trip at Skydive Wayne County: http://www.usatravelmagazine.com/a/14/14_05.html.

About the Author

Nick Worley is a Journalist and Photographer for USA Travel Magazine: http://www.usatravelmagazine.com/, who enjoys exploring unique and thrilling adventures.